What are the best web Instagram viewers? Pikdo.com

Online Instagram Web Viewer Pikdo.com

Pikdo provides a more interactive web-based user experience which actually reflects the Instagram user experience.

Pikdo was originally created as an effort to persuade Instagram’s founders to create a web version of the app. Pikdo's interface is very simple, and without bells and whistles it provides all the basic functionality of the Instagram mobile app. After you sign in with your Instagram credentials, you can browse your own photos, your friends’ photos, and popular photos.

The photos browser scrolls downward, with only one image visible at any given time. You can mouse over a photo to see its caption and the like button, or click through to the photo’s page to comment or share through Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest.

Instagram Popular Photos is another option for browsing the most popular photos shared on Instagram, as well as providing a way to search for tagged photos. An extra feature that is unique to this site is the ability to filter search results using specific filters.

There are many sites which give you the facility to know about all the updates of the Instagram. Instagram contents is on the Web with a new design experience. Pikdo is an Instagram Web Viewer that you can easily browse users, followers, hashtags, popular contents, statistics and much more. Here you can get all the updates without using your credentials.

Note: Instagram recently updated their web interface to allow allows clickable hashtags from a photo, taking you to a page displaying all photos with that hashtag. This is a great step forward, although image discovery and a search field still aren’t present.

Pikdo allows you to view Instagram profiles and posts. Even without being registered you can easily search all of Instagram, and explore Instagram profiles, posts, tags ... and much more. The most important thing is that Pikdo is free. Enjoy!

Pikdo allows you to view Instagram profiles and posts.

Pikdo allows you to view Instagram profiles and posts.